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What all can I search on PropertyMakkerz ?

  1. Go to propertymakkerz.com
  2. Click on the

     button on the top right corner

  3. Fill in the phone number,  
  1. Go to propertymakkerz.com
  2. Click on the button on the top right corner
  3. Fill in the phone and E-mail, 

propertymakkerz.com  is a website where you can upload your free listings for rent or sale and it would be visible to the buyers searching for properties on propertymakkerz.com

As soon as you post a listing, we would perform a few quality checks before making the property visible on the site within 24 to 48 hours.

You would also receive an intimation regarding the same. Post this, the users would be able to view your property on propertymakkerz.com.com.

Additional Services

Featured Listing – INR 1500/-

  • Provides guaranteed prominence and exposure in preferred locality
  • Visual distinction – different color and “Featured” tag
  • Highlighted Listing in First/ Second position for a week in Search Results for 7 days
  • Custom options for Res/Comm,Buy/Rent, locality
  • Showcase as Featured listing, followed by basic listing for 53 days
  • Targeted Branding Search Results Page visited by all our users, looking for a property in your locality
  • Applicable for Resale and Rental Listings

Banner Ads- INR 250/- per day

  • Get your brand noticed by actual property buyers by securing brand space on India’s top real estate website
  • Varied product range of banners suitable for various target audience, reach, impact and budget preferences
  • Products include-Background banners, Homepage banners, Search results page banners, Rest of site banners
  • Branding choices available on homepage, city pages, search page and rest of site pages
  • Choose between impression based campaigns and duration based campaigns
  • Target required audience by City, Locality, Budget and purchase preferences

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