Taloja to be the smart investment option in Navi Mumbai Real Estate.

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Taloja to be the smart investment option in Navi Mumbai Real Estate.

Taloja is a best investment option in Navi Mumbai. It is a residential node planned by CIDCO, and is located next to the Kharghar Industrial Area. There are several factors in the area that make it a good choice for long-term real estate investment purposes. 

Connectivity and Accessibility

While Taloja is some distance from Thane and suburban Mumbai, it is very close to the industrial areas of Kharghar and CBD Belapur. Although it is a neighboring area of ​​Kharghar, CBD Belapur can be reached in less than half an hour via Roadpali Road and Sion-Panvel Expressway. NH-4 passes through Taloja, which connects it to other cities. Taloja has two railway stations: Taloja Panchanand and Nawade Road railway station. Both are on the Vasai Road-Diva-Panvel railway route of the central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway. A metro station is also proposed in the area. There are regular train and bus services to all the nearby nodes from the area as well as the main city of Mumbai.

Infrastructure and facilities

Taloja is a best investment option in Navi Mumbai, Apart from being close to the industrial areas of Kharghar and CBD Belapur, Taloja has a MIDC industrial area with many small and big industries. Some of them include Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals, BEL, Kellogg India and Hindalco Industries Limited plants. Taloja still has a long way to go in terms of good roads, regular electricity and water supply. However, due to the proximity of Taloja Creek and the Kasardi River, once a node is developed there should be no problem of regular water supply and electricity. Due to its proximity to Kharghar, the area has access to many facilities such as schools, hospitals and shopping malls such as D-Mart.

Real Estate Trends

Due to the proximity to industries and industrial areas, apartments and housing societies are available in the area. Rising infrastructure and affordable housing prices in the area are also gradually giving rise to many housing units.

The most common residential units here include 1 and 2BHK apartments, with a small number of 1.5 and 3BHK apartments. Builder floor apartments are also available here in very small numbers. The 1BHK apartments have an estimated built-up area of ​​approximately 575–750 square feet. While the 2BHK apartments have an estimated built-up area of ​​about 850–1,200 square feet. 3BHK is the estimated built-up area of ​​the unit. Approximately 1,400-1,500 sq.ft.

One can buy a 1BHK unit in Taloja for Rs 20–35 lakh, while a 2BHK unit can be purchased for around Rs 35–55 lakh. The cost of a 3BHK unit can be around Rs 50-70 lakh. Property rates have already seen an upward trend in the region over the past two years.

While average property prices have stabilized over the past two quarters due to MMR’s overall slope in real estate and slow growth, with a better infrastructure and growth potential, property prices in the region are expected to rise in the future. Thus, Taloja is a good long-term investment prospect.

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