A New Solution to do Business is “Online Property Exhibition”

a-new-solution-to-do-business-is- online-property-exhibition

Pandemic has changed the world and it has changed the perspective of everything. A few months back no one would have ever thought that we will be prohibited for social gathering and India will be under lockdown and we will be struggling to reach people.

Propertymakkerz is known for serving the best in dynamic business environment with its new services, new business models and new business opportunities.

Propertymakkerz is coming up with a “45 days Online Exhibition” starting from 14th August to 30th September 2020. A new solution to all end users, an online platform were home buyers, builders and developers come together and get genuine information with unique offers.

Why ‘Online Property Exhibition’?

Due to the current market situation of COVID-19, online presence has become an essential tool for all the developers to attract genuine buyers and boost up the sales. In the current situation, a on ground exhibition will not take place so efficiently like before in the coming months due to social distancing and lockdown restrictions. We would like to introduce you to an exclusive and one of its kind ‘Online Property Exhibition’ which will make sure it reaches to right target audience.

How an ‘Online Property Exhibition’ can help home buyers and property developers?
When you think of a post-pandemic situation, you definitely see a changed world, not just in perspective of social distancing but in a lot more other options like online. How people just shop online for their basic needs online but now there is a huge shift of consumers who don’t want to visit a property until and unless they get an assurance that the property is perfect for them. And here we step-in , we just don’t sell a property to buyer, we help them to get their dream home with complete support from our service team which is available over email or just a phone call away during business hours. We at Propertymakkerz understand what home means to you and we help you to get your dream home in your suitable budget. We are pleased to announce to you that Propertymakkerz is organizing an “Online Property Exhibition” to attract all the property developers and home buyers to meet up with their needs at a single platform.

How Propertymakkerz helps builders and developers?

We as a team will make sure that in these 45 days, we will give you the perfect platform not just for genuine home buyers but even to all the investors in India and abroad, by just at their fingertip. Propertymakkerz gives you a platform not just through our website, but we do an all-round marketing promotions, so that we reach to all your target audience and not a single potential buyer is missed. We promote you on high traffic online advertising platforms like Google search, Taboola News feeds– native advertising platform, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, so that you stay on top of all searches.

In these 45 days of ‘Online Exhibition,’ you can reach out to maximum people with minimum efforts with our strong technical support. We make sure buyers get the best home at the best price and the developer gets the best value.



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